When you want to sell your bike, getting a credible buyer who will offer you a fair price and give you no trouble during the entire transaction is not an easy thing. Also, you have to advertise the sale, wait for days, weeks or even months to get a serious buyer, and go through another waiting period of completing the transaction and waiting for the payment to clear. All these make the process of selling your bike very stressful. Fortunately for you, there are other options you can consider, for example, selling to webuyanybike.co.uk, a leading online bike buying company that provides bike owners with a fast and easy way of selling their bikes. If you are considering selling your bike, below are the top 30 reasons why you should sell your bike to We Buy Any Bike.

webuyanybike on fair price

  1. The company offers you a fair value of the bike

One of the main challenges of selling your bike is finding a right buyer who will give you a fair price. Most of the bike dealers that are available usually take advantage of bike owners and try to find excuses to lowering the price you are offering. However, at webuyanybike, the company offers you the market value of your bike after taking into consideration its condition. The company also operates under a No Haggle policy, where they do not negotiate for a price that is lower than the value of your bike.

sell your bike conveniently

  1. They provide you with a convenient way of selling your bike

Selling your bike through a private sale, to the local dealer, or on an online forum like Craigslist and EBay is very complicated but not impossible. Also, you have to wait for a long time to find a worthy buyer, and it might take even longer when negotiating the price and waiting for the buyer to pay you. However, with we buy any bike, the selling process is very convenient, stress-free, and it is completed very fast.

professional motorbike selling staff

  1. The company staff is very professional

Another benefit of selling your bike to webuyanybike.co.uk is that it is comprised of very professional staff, and thus you can expect a very high level of professionalism when dealing with them. Some of the employees you deal with are also seasoned bike specialists, and they can offer you useful advice about your bike, including how you can get a better price.

proven record of buying bikes

  1. Webuyanybike.co.uk has a long proven track record of buying and selling bikes

We Buy Any Bike is one of the leading bike buying company in the UK, and it has a long track record of buying bikes from the public. The company has been operating for the last ten years, and during this period, it has built a very strong reputation of fair bike trading.

webuyanybike operates from several locations in UK

  1. They are operating from several locations in the country

Webuyanybike.co.uk operates from all over the UK, and offers a nationwide bike pickup service. Therefore, the company has a convenient way of collecting your bike after you sell it to them, ensuring that you do not have to travel to one of their branches to complete the sale.

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  1. They offer free and quick collection of the bikes

When selling your bike through private sales, local dealers, or other online companies, you will find that most of the buyers will require you to pay collection fees so that they can come and collect the bike. Alternatively, you have to drop the bike at their location. However, when it comes to We Buy Any Bike, the company sends a driver (usually Graham) to collect the bike at the most convenient location to you. Be it at home or at work. On top of it all, they do not charge you any fees for the collection.

webuyanybike customer service champions

  1. They have a very effective customer service

Selling your bike is not an easy thing, on top of all the hassles involved, you have to part with something with a huge sentimental value. To ensure that you have the easiest and smoothest time when selling your bike, webuyanybike.co.uk employs a very caring and professional customer service team that helps you throughout the entire process. The team is very polite and will provide you with answers to any questions you might have about the bike selling process.

  1. Flexible Timings

Timings are very convenient, 9am-6pm on weekdays, and 10am-5pm on weekends. During this time, you can call their customer service for any information on the selling process. Their website is available 24/7, where you can fill out the online valuation form. Also, their collection service operates on a 24/7 basis, which ensures there is always a driver on hand to collect the bike once you agree to sell.

  1. The process is very simple and fast

Webuyanybike offers the customers a very simple bike buying process, where you send them the details of your bike to get a valuation, agree on the price, and then they send someone to pick the bike. The whole process is very fast, and it is usually completed in a matter of a few days, about 2-3 days after contacting the company.

fast payments

  1. They offer fast payments

When selling your bike through a private sale, it can take months before you find a buyer and complete the trade. However, with We Buy Any Bike, the process is completed in just a few hours. Selling your bike to this company is ideal if you are in need of urgent cash for emergencies, or for spending on a special occasion such as Christmas holidays.

  1. They offer several convenient payment methods

Another great benefit of selling your bike to we buy any bike is that there are several available methods of payment: bank transfer, cheque, or credit card payments.

webuyanybike offer hassle free sale

  1. Sell your bike without any worry or hassles associated with a private sale

When selling your bike through a private sale, you must first advertise the bike, meet with potential buyers (most of whom will not buy), haggle to get a fair price, and then complete the transaction, where you have to trust that your buyer is trustworthy. The process is thus very stressful, and it can almost be impossible to handle if it is your first time. Fortunately, when selling your bike to We Buy Any Bike, you do not have to undergo all these.

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  1. It is cheaper than selling your bike privately

When selling your bike through a private sale, you must first advertise the sale, either on the internet or by placing ads on a newspaper. On top of it all, advertising your bike does not guarantee that you will find a buyer. However, when selling to webuyanybike.co.uk, you do not have to incur any advertising cost; you just need to contact the company, get a valuation of your bike, and agree on the price.

  1. It offers you a better chance of selling your bike compared to a private sale

As already mentioned, finding a worthy buyer when selling your bike through a private sale is not very easy. However, when selling your bike to we buy any bike, you can be 100% sure that they will buy the bike from you once you get a valuation and agree on the price. The only reason they would not buy your bike is if you decide that you will not sell it.

family is in safe hands

  1. Safer

When you want to sell bike through a private sale, you must invite potential buyers to your home which are mostly strangers. This is very stressful as you have to arrange multiple viewing sessions for the potential buyers. It is also very risky, as a person with wrong intentions can come to your home pretending to be a buyer. However, when selling your bike to We Buy Any Bike, the process is very safe with the company being one of the most trusted bike buyers in the UK.

  1. You do not have to deal with time wasters when selling your bike

In addition to inviting strangers into your home when selling your bike through a private sale, you have to deal with time wasters who come to view it without the intention of buying. However, when dealing with sellmybike.co or webuyanybike.co.uk you only deal with one buyer, who you can trust to buy the bike once you have agreed on the price.

webuyanybike buys all kind of motorcycles

  1. They buy a wide range of bike models

One of the reasons why we buy any bike is one of the most famous bikes buying companies in the UK is that the business buys a wide range of bikes, all makes and models, and both used or new. Therefore, it you are considering selling your bike, you can contact them knowing that they will offer you a good price regardless of the make and model of the bike.

webuyanybike will buy your bike regardless of its condition

  1. The company will buy your bike regardless of its age or condition

Selling your bike to we buy any bike or listing it on auto trader is a very good idea. It is much more convenient than a private sale because the company guides you throughout the entire process. From the minute you fill the online valuation from to the minute your payment clears and the bike is collected, you can count on them to provide you with assistance or advice you might on selling your motorbike.

  1. They offer you guidance and advice throughout the entire process

Selling your bike to wewantyourmotorbike or webuyanybike is much more convenient than a private sale because the company guides you throughout the entire process. From the minute you will find the online valuation form to the minute your payment clears, and the bike is collected, you can count on we buy any bike to provide you with any assistance or advice you might need on selling your bike.

top service by webuyanybike.co.uk

  1. Top Customer Service

Unlike most bike buying companies and dealers, we buy any bike goes an extra mile to make their customers happy. They will offer you a fair price, provide you with assistance and advice when selling your bike to them, speed up the process, and even offer you free bike collection service.

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  1. Negotiate

While WeBuyAnyBike.co.uk has a No Haggle policy, it is only applied on their side, and you can negotiate with them if you feel that the price you are being offered is not what your bike is worth.

  1. Collection after payment

Another reason why you should deal with we buy any bike when selling your bike is that the company will only come to collect the bike after you have received the payment. In case there are any delays, the driver send will wait until you receive the payment before going with the bike.

  1. Professional service

One more reasons to deal with webuyanybike is the quality of service they provide. The company maintains constant communication with you throughout the process and informs you of when and where the driver will come to collect the bike.

  1. Free Bike Valuation

One of the best features of webuyanybike.co.uk is that the company offers you a free motorbike valuation (with no hidden costs), which ensures that you know how much your bike is worth before you agree on selling it. There are some more sites which provide free motorbike valuation, and they are listed below

Motorcycle valuation By webuyanybike.co.uk

Motorbike Valuation Online By sellbike.com

Motorbike Valuation Tool By sellmotorbike.co.uk

  1. Valuation without any obligation

When offering you a free assessment of your bike, you are not required to enter into an obligation to sell your bike. There is also no pressure on you to sell from the company, and you can back out of the deal any time you wish too.

no hidden fees by we buy any bike

  1. No Hidden Fees

They don’t charge any hidden fees for the service they offer. This, combined with the free bike valuation and collection services they offer ensures that you get the highest possible offer from the company.

  1. Work around your schedule

When coming to collect the bike, the driver sent works around your schedule, and will come at the most convenient time and place. Therefore, you can have him pick the bike at your workplace or even at home. Also, the drivers operate on a   24/7 basis, and you can have the bike collected at the most convenient time you are available.

webuyanybike online reviews

  1. Positive Customer Reviews and Testimonials

They are one of the most reputable bike buying companies in the UK. When researching the company before you decide to sell them, you will notice that they receive lots of positive reviews and testimonials from customers on

 Trust Pilot

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  1. Not a middleman or a dealer

Webuyanybike.co.uk is not a motorcycle dealer nor do they act as a middleman. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get a better price for your bike than when you are dealing with a local dealer.

competitive pricing by we buy any bike

  1. Competitive Pricing

When researching motorbike buying companies in the UK, you will find that they offer very competitive prices compared to other companies. You can also visit your local dealer to get a price for your bike and webuyanybike will beat that too.